Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Road Home

 "Along your pathway of life you will observe that you are not the only traveler. 
There are others who need your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, 
minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save." 
"Generally speaking, the most miserable people I know are those who are obsessed with themselves; the happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others...By and large, I have come to see that if we complain about life, it is because we are thinking only of ourselves."

 "You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. 
You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence. 
And the good that is in you must be spread to others...." 

"Don't save something for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion."
— Thomas S. Monson
 "The good you have done, the kind words you have spoken, the love you have shown to others, 
can never be fully measured." 
 "Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those you love, 
in the testimony which you carry in your heart concerning things divine." 
 "He who gives money gives some, he who gives time gives more, and he who gives of himself gives all." 
 "May I share with you a formula that in my judgment will help you and help me to journey well through mortality... First, fill your mind with truth; 
second, fill your life with service; and third, fill your heart with love." 

 "Be believing, be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out." 

 "Gratitude is a sign of maturity...Where there is appreciation: there is also courtesy and concern for the rights and property of others." 
 "You are doing the best you can, and that best results in good to yourself and to others. 
Do not nag yourself with a sense of failure. Get on your knees and ask for the blessings of the Lord;
then stand on your feet and do what you are asked to do." 
 "My dear sisters, do not pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities equal to your tasks. 
Then the performance of your tasks will be no miracle, but you will be the miracle." 
"It is not so much the major events as the small day-to-day decisions that map the course of our living. . . 
Our lives are, in reality, the sum total of our seemingly unimportant decisions 
and of our capacity to live by those decisions."