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just look at what great love can do

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Utah Volunteers 1We are consistently amazed by the creative ways in which people have come together in support of the Gashora Girls Academy.  Kim in Utah organized hundreds of people from church groups, families, and friends to tie the quilts that cover the beds in the dormitories.  The volunteers came from many ages, genders, and ethnicities, all with the desire to make a difference for girls in Rwanda. 

These photos are from a group of 200 people that made 70 of the 300 quilts. Kim shared these thoughts on the experience:

“I think the photos were truly representative of the same experience that was repeated over and over in finishing those quilts. What I can say is that they were tied with love.  No one ever complained or did not finish what they promised…. In fact my phone continues to ring with women volunteering their time to do more.  I easily could have had 600 quilts tied.  There were of course church groups, but also families made it their Thanksgiving or Christmas project, Utah Volunteers 3neighborhoods set them up in central locations and women dropped in to work on them whenever they had extra time, and a large group of the Tongan community in Salt Lake banded together and worked on them.  A Tongan woman named Lia bound all 300 of them herself as people finished tying them, and my great friends helped me cut, sew and assemble them into bags to pass out in the community.  It truly was a total group effort … I am sure the stories go on and on, and it is hard to thank all who gave so freely of their time.  I tear up when I think how overwhelming the support was.  I am proud to come from a Utah volunteers4Utah lineage, a line of women that are there whenever there is a need to be filled.  They make me proud.”  

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who helped with the quilt project.  We are so thankful for your generosity and know that the students will be moved to know that so many people across the world gave their time and effort on their behalf.

QuiltsHere are the finished quilts at the Gashora Girls Academy dorms!

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