Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Beginning

Dear Young Women...

  • this is our 25th ward Young Women blog
  • we love each other here
  • if you are here WELCOME!
  • let's share photos
  • let's grow our appreciation and love
  • let's keep a record of our time spent together
I am so thankful to share this important stage of life with you. Every single day I thank Heavenly Father for YOU. I mean it. 

Send me any photos that we can share together. Let's watch each other have fun and progress. Send me something soon...I know you take great pictures! 

This Sunday will be a GET TO KNOW YOU Sunday. The Presidency and Advisors are anxious to get better acquainted so come...and come on time. We'll eat something delicious as well!

Remember, this week we first meet in the RS room for opening exercises and then downstairs.

Please pray for me...I need it.  xox

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